The Game of memoryloss

Today was one of the days i wished i stayed in bed, it started with the hunt for my socks, then i couldn’t find my keys and I had to run around the house to find my blasted phone. Okay ill admit it i do have memory issues, but i forget that all the time. I drove the 7 kilometers to town just to find out that my wallet was home alone, so i drove back to save it from boredom. Back in town…..i found out that i forgot the papers i was supposed to deliver …..guess what, yup i had to drive back and get them, halfway to town i ran out of gas…..thankfully i have found my phoned and could call a friend, witch laughed his socks of. grrrrrr. Nope i don’t love these days at all, Home again after my shopping i found out i have forgotten what I really was going to buy, nope i did not drive back to town, i gave up.



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