My new life as blogger

Sitting here in my little corner  thinking that i might have something to share with the rest of the world. The next thought is, do the world really want to know what i have to say? Is my opinion something to consider? I’ve always been the quiet one in the corner observing everything around me, never accured to me to say something, i wonder why. I do have strong opinions about many things. Now in the very beginning in my new life as a blogger i want to say many things, the problem now is to writing it. What do i expect?, not much really, of course i hope that someone reads my writings and perhaps commenting. I do not expect more than that, having a channel that i can outpour my inner thoughts is far more important than anything else. The challenge now is getting things out, stop being the quiet observer and say something. Oh yeah, maybe stop repeating myself would be a good start :).  Now i have to plan my blogging, figure out what my topics shall be, hmmm, lets see what im ending up with, ideas from viewers is welcome.



7 thoughts on “My new life as blogger

  1. Words are powerful.Sometimes,you’ll think that you are talking to deaf ears.But,that should not pull you down.It will just force you to continue despite the challenges.


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