The Game Of Dating

I envy ordinary guys, that can do things that I cant. They find dates, they get boyfriends, i don’t. So why do i not get a boyfriend? Well being transgendered gay person complicates things. Finding someone that accepts me for the person i am seems daunting, Gays wants naturally enough a guy with a package, which i dont have, so when they find out my secret they vanishes into the shadows never to be seen again. Hrmff. Very funny. So if i dont say anything about my secret for a while and let the guy get to know me, he jumps into a fit when he finds out and suddenly I am the worst person on earth, dangit. So what shall i do? If i try tinder or gaysir i end up with guys that thinks somone like me is exotic and fun for a night, but not somone they want to have as a boyfriend. Where to look? Ive always heard that there is somone for everyone, so where i darnation is he hiding?


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