Where I live

It is time to present my hometown the last 4 years, a place that has given me lots of positivity and peace in a troublesome time. Stryn in Sogn og Fjordane In north-western Norway. During summertime we have a lot of tourists most Europeans and Asians.


I live in Faleide 7 km north of the town, a place with tranquility and old buildings. This place was the town center 100 years ago, but because of lack of place to increase the town size everything was moved to another location.Bilderesultat for stryn in english

I love this place and have no wishes to move. This picture is lying a little bit, these mountains ar taller and steeper then it looks.DSCF2661

This is the view from my house, its beautiful when the fjord are like this. I will tell more later, and of course more from the rest of the country, ive been all over the place, lived at least in 30 places.



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