The feeling of safety

It is easy to feel safe in my peaceful corner of the world, and thank God that we have been spared of hurricanes, war, terrorism, earthquakes and more. But am i really safe? Maby I am taking my safety for granted? The oil reserves are shrinking, terrorism is creeping closer, and the threat of nuclear war is hanging over us. It’s easy to think that whats happening far away don’t affect us at all. That is a falsum. Nationalism is growing, suddenly some of us are more unsafe then we like to think, groups of people will be hunted, discriminated even killed simply because they do not fit in the new concept. Dark thoughts oh yes, it has happened before and history has a tendency to repeat itself. The difference now is that the world is more transparent, and we are more likely to be able to spot danger much faster then before, and probably be able to stop things before it goes to far, we like to think that, but what if the negative forces grows to strong to fast. Nationalism is spreading like wildfire, we probably should do something with it right away. Who wants to live in a world where only the elites shares the benefits among them self, and the poor fights for scraps, where the sence of responsibility only follows your wallet, not to mention the value of your existence. The world’s population has become colder towards its peers, people seems to have become more egoistic and blind to others. It has become more important to have to give. I remeber a time when everyone looked out for eachother, whe children was safe outside our homes, when kids walked to school on their own. Its not like that anymore. Can we stop this, or is the negative force gone to far. Will we ever be able to feel safe again?


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