All about Olaf

Writing about myself is not the funniest thing I do, but if i want people to know me, id better do it anyway.

I was born 51 years ago, in a small town northwest in Norway, it was the rainiest autumn ever, it rained for 4 months with no stop, everything was soaked. Ofcourse I do not remember that but my mother does. Now here comes quirk nr 1, i was born female, yup I came out with wrong wrapping, a little lass. Everyone was happy, so was i until I was about 3 years old. The girly thing was not me, I hated dresses, bows and cute little shoes, urgh!

I protested the only way i knew how, i ruined everything i hated, and I won, HURRAY. Dad hated me everyday since. From that time i was a pariah, dad bullied me everyday, denied my mom to care for me more than necessary, i was dirty, hungry and very alone, i was never looked after, neighbours complained about that, dad fixed it, we moved.

Schoolyears was i nightmare, of course everyone noticed i wasnt like all the other girls, and i have a sneaky feeling that i might have smelled bad. on top of everything my father started abuse me sexually, from the age of 8, long time before i knew what sex was. I was bullied, abused, molested more or less every day by my father, i was bullied and molested everyday in school and playgrounds, i had nowhere to hide or nobody to talk to without my father finding out what i have said and gave me hell on earth as punishment, but i survived that ordeal. needless to say that my father was a psychopath and sociopath or something around that.

After a trial, which I won and sent him to jail i started my new life without him, with severe PTSD, and growing dismay over my physical gender, it took me some time, but in the year 2000 i changed my gender to male by hormones and surgery, now i found myself more happier. Then I realized that I on top of all is gay.

So how is my life today, well im single, still severe PTSD, gay and comedian, but my health has taken a bad beating through all my life, and today im physically disabled and using wheelchair when im outside or cruches on good days. But im HAPPY, belive it or not despite all ordeals im HAPPY!