The bible used as a shield

I am sick and tired og getting the bible thrown in my face because im transgendered and gay, people who can’t see past the bible are annoyingly ignorant. The world is so much more than what is written in 66 books 2000 years ago, we know so much more and our understanding of what is around us are so much deeper  than 2000 years ago. Bullying people like us are waste of time and energy. How about spreading the love that  Jesus thought us, and he did teach us to accept people as they are, didn’t he? God gave us love, and are you so sure that he hate gay people? I never forget the fact that the Bible was written by humans, and not by God. And humans do write things according to their understanding, and people lies. God does not. Are we so sure that all the evangelists wrote honestly? Maybe we should read the bible between the lines sometimes. The best thing we can do is to follow the 10 commandments, and do to people what we want them to do to us.  I am not a bad person because of my preference, neither am I a pervert, not more than you.




The Game of memoryloss

Today was one of the days i wished i stayed in bed, it started with the hunt for my socks, then i couldn’t find my keys and I had to run around the house to find my blasted phone. Okay ill admit it i do have memory issues, but i forget that all the time. I drove the 7 kilometers to town just to find out that my wallet was home alone, so i drove back to save it from boredom. Back in town…..i found out that i forgot the papers i was supposed to deliver …..guess what, yup i had to drive back and get them, halfway to town i ran out of gas…..thankfully i have found my phoned and could call a friend, witch laughed his socks of. grrrrrr. Nope i don’t love these days at all, Home again after my shopping i found out i have forgotten what I really was going to buy, nope i did not drive back to town, i gave up.


This is me today

I am a man with lots of creative itches, i write and draws, but most of all i am the one everyone goes to for a laugh, cant help it I am a natural born comedian.

Life made me that way, commedy has been my lifeboat in turbulent water.

Ill share my thoughts, experience and disasters in this blog, and you will wonder how i survived this wretched life, if you have an answer, please tell me, for i dont know either.